Why use pillow protectors

 Pillow protectors are not a real exciting product: however, they do offer some benefit to the life and the cleanliness of your pillow.


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You have made an investment in your luxury linens and you may want your pillows to look as great as your bed.

Below is a photo of a new pillow – nice white & clean.

Pillow protectors keep your sleeping pillows cleaner

Here is an older pillow, they can become yellow and stained over time.

  • This is a result of body oil (and yes, drool) that finds its way through the pillowcase and on to the pillow.

Sleeping pillows get yellow and loaded with dust-mites

By using a pillow protector this yellowing process can be greatly reduced or eliminated.

  • A pillow protector adds an additional layer of protection to the sleeping pillow .

In addition, pillow protectors can reduce the infestation of dust mites in your pillow.

  • The reality is dust mites in bedding are inevitable.

    • Dust mites are nasty creatures that live off human dander.

    • As disgusting as this sound, dust-mites’ feces can literally double the weight of a pillow in a few short years. Here is a picture of one of these buggers.

Magnified image of a dust mite

In this video we demonstrate how to launder a sleeping pillow.

  • Pillows can be laundered, which is not too much of a challenge; however drying the pillow will take a little more time. If your pillow is not completely dry after washing, it can mildew.
  • Dry-cleaning is an alternative, but, the chemical (PERT) used in the dry-cleaning process is a known carcinogenic. Down or feather pillows are natural fibers and they will absorb the PERT.

  • Consider that you have your face next to your pillow for 8 hours each and every night.

Pillow protectors are inexpensive. Look for ones with a zipper closure.

  • Every month or so, simply take it off your pillow and throw it in the wash with your bed linens.

  • Your pillows will stay clean and fresh. Look for 100% cotton pillow protectors.

  • Using a polyester fabric may cause your pillow to feel hot when you sleep and it will not absorb moisture as well (which in not good for your skin). We also sell 100% cotton pillow protectors on our site, located here.

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