Why do Luxury Linens cost so much?

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Why do Italian bed linens cost more than department store bed sheets?

Okay, here are a few analogies: 

  • A BMW is $80,000 +, a Kia - $15,000, they’re both cars, right? Perhaps, but certainly not the same quality.
  • Why is that Louis Vuitton handbag $1,500 and those knock offs $50? 

The difference is typically obvious. The quality of the materials used in their construction. 

The same is true with Italian linens vs. those sold a Target or Wal-Mart. 

    • Keep in mind there are inexpensive grades of low quality cotton. 

Let’s take a little closer look.

Most Italian linens are made from exceptional grades of cotton. 

  • High quality cotton has a longer, stronger fibers that retain their strength, is superior in many ways to lesser grade cottons.
  • Sheets made from finer grades of cotton will feel softer and last longer than those made with substandard grades of cotton.
  • Government officials from Egypt have stated, that there is over 10 times more Egyptian cotton sold in the world than grown – why is this?
    • Deceptive advertising practices – Gee who would do this? 您被偷窃, translated - you’re being ripped off.
    • The 1,500 thread count 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets being sold for $80 is simply not possible.
      • Would you be at all suspicious if Armani suits were being sold at the local store for $60? 

Finer grades of cotton are more expensive than other types because: 

  • Cotton doesn’t yield these high-quality characteristics in all harvests, so, there is far less of it available.
  • Bed linens made from high-quality cotton will outperform those made with substandard grades. 

Italian bed linens are more expensive because: 

  • The qualities of cotton, yarns, weaving and finishing techniques used are the finest in the world. 
  • Italians have also been producing luxury linens for over 150 years.
    • Northern Italy is recognized as the leader in cotton textile weaving since the Middle Ages.
    • There is also a pride and craftsmanship found with European textile producers that doesn’t exist in other areas of the world. 

Not only can you feel the differences in these products, you can see it.


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