What thread count isn't

High thread count doesn't mean high quality!


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What is thread count? 

This may sound a little arrogant (sorry), but thread count can be meaningless.

  • Quality is not determined by thread count. That is, a 200 thread count sheet may be higher quality then a 600 thread count sheet.
  • A more consideration is the grade of cotton used in bed linens.
    • Consider the 1000 thread count sheets you see on the internet for $60. Then there are 1000 thread count sheets that sell for $1,800 a set. (keep in mind because we have no retail mark-up ours sell for around 60% less than comparable quality linens).
      • Here is a great analogy: there are Mc Donald hamburgers & hamburgers made from Kobe beef – both beef, both hamburgers, but quite a large difference in quality & price…

High thread count sheet doesn't mean your sheets are high quality

Regardless, thread count is something people can easily understand. However, it has somehow incorrectly become the indicator of quality sheets.  

  • Thread count is determined by counting the number of weft threads and the number of warp threads in one square inch of fabric. For example, 150 warp threads plus 150 weft threads = 300 thread count per inch.

Look for extra long staple cotton

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