What size pillows or pillow shams should you use on a Queen size bed ?

Bedding choices can be overwhelming to some, especially when it comes to luxury bedding.

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Whether your buying sheetssleeping pillowspillow shams or down comforters, good bed linens can be expensive. Additionally, there are large differences in quality and pricing of bedding, so you want to be sure to get it right. 

Here is a conundrum that pops up often.

Many think because they have a queen bed, they need queen sleeping pillows or queen pillow sham.

This may not be the case. Ensure you really have queen size pillows or shams as queen size pillows and shams are somewhat of an aberration!

Queen size pillows are 20” x 30”.

  • Most people do not have queen size pillow or shams.
    • Queen size pillow pillowcases and shams are sold, but they are not that common. 
    • Most times, people with queen beds have a standard sleeping pillow (20" x 26") & pillowcase.  
    • Many bed linen manufacturers do not make queen pillowcases or shams. 

Here is what to do. First, measure the pillow sham/pillowcase (flat and un-stuffed).

  • A pillowcase may have a decorative flange which should not be measured. Some pillowcase (ours included) are made long enough to accommodate both a standard and queen sleeping pillow.
  • Keep in mind, if the pillow sham is cotton and has not been washed it might be a little larger as they some manufacturers all for shrinkage, which is typically 3% to 5%.

Regardless of the pillow size, we recommend a feather pillow (not polyester or foam filler) for pillows or shams that you will not be sleeping on.

Here is a video that offer discusses the different size pillows used in bedding and an explanation why to avoid using poly for your pillow inserts.

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