What is the difference between Down and Feathers

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There is a difference between down and feather

Down is the unstructured cluster found under the breast Feathers of a bird.

  • Down is an outstanding filler for sleeping pillows  down comforters (and coats).
    • Down is somewhat like one of the fibers that you see in the spring, floating around in the air produced by Cotton Wood trees.
    • It has a quill, but it is almost un-detectable. Down is one of nature’s best insulators.
  • Down offers an exceptional warmth to weight ratio and hasn’t been replicated by synthetic materials.
  • Another benefit of down or feather is it doesn’t bunch or knot up as many other pillow fillings can. It holds its shape well.
  • A good Down or Feather Pillow will provide years and years of comfort.

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