What is hemstitching?

Hemstitching is a classic decorative detail found in finer luxury bed linens.

Hemstitching is achieved by pulling out several strands of parallel thread from the sheet, creating a small void in either the warp or weft thread.

  • The remaining threads in this affected area, are then cinched up to create a small ornate decorative hole.
  • At one time the cinching process was performed by hand. Today it is performed by a machine.

In bedding, this detail is typically found on the top edge or flange of the flat sheet, the cuff of pillowcases and on the flanges of a sham or duvet cover.

  • Ornate designs can be made using this technique with many different types of fabrics  and  the hemstitching does not need to be located on the hem or flange of a fabric.

Luxury pillowcases with hem-stitching

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