What is a Down Blanket

Down Blanket vs. Down Comforter

Down blankets are perfect item for those that find down comforters too warm. There are a few similarities and are essentially a very thin down comforter.

Down blankets are light weight & cozy warm

In the below video we explain the difference between a down blanket & down comforter.

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Some find down comforters too warm. If you prefer not to use a down comforter/duvet arrangement or if you are just looking for a little extra warmth, a down blanket is ideal.

  • Down is a natural fiber, as with most natural fibers it breathes well and down is a great insulator. Synthetic blankets often times do not breathe well.
  • Down blankets are quite versatile. They can be placed under a coverlet for additional warmth. Some also use them inside a duvet cover as they are similar in size to a down comforter. 
  • Down blankets are they are easily washed.
    • Down comforters can also be washed, but the process is a little more involved.
    • For many, they are the perfect summer substitute for a down comforter.
    • Down blankets are reasonable in price, they are durable so they are great for your children’s room, or a guest room.

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