What are the common sizes for bed pillows?

Sleeping pillows come in a few different sizes – 

here are the most popular sizes used in bedding. 

Standard Pillow – 20” W x 26 L” 

  • This is by far the most popular sleeping pillow.
  • This size is also used for standard pillow shams.
  • One pillow works perfect on a twin, two fit nicely across a full or queen bed, three fit across a king bed. 

King Pillow – 20” W x 36 L” 

  • King pillows are popular, but many don’t care for the king size and prefer to use a standard size pillow instead. The reason is; many find the king size pillow can be awkward to manipulate at night while sleeping. 

Euro Pillow – 26” W x 26” L 

  • In the US, these pillows are generally not slept on, they are typically used as a decorative pillows found at the head of bed.
  • Euro pillows offers a nice height and layer to the bed.
  • Euro pillows are also functional, as one can lean against them while watching TV or reading in bed. If you're not sleeping on them, use a feather fill insert, as it is lower cost when compared to down.
  • Avoid synthetic fillings, as they frequently don’t fill out the sham well and they may bunch up over time. 

Boudoir Pillow – 12” W x 16” L 

  • A boudoir pillow is primarily a decorative pillow, although some use them as a travel pillow.
  • They are like the ones you find on a commercial plane. 

In the below video, we identify when it's time to replace your sleeping pillow.

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