Universal Care Labels - Explained

Don’t you hate universal symbols that come on electronic gadgets and the sewn in care label instructions on clothing.

  • Well, with luxury linens (specifically European bed linens) you will have the same challenge.
  • Because you have made an investment in your fine linens, you really should pay attention and adhere to the care instructions.

As a result of the confusion to what these little symbols mean, we thought we would help clear this up for you.

Scroll down to view & interrupt the symbols that you need.

Most people visiting this page are interested in cleaning tips for bedding - so, here's a video explaining how to care for luxury linens - without having to figuring out confusing symbols. 

Here are the symbols that you will likely find on the care label of your finer sheets or bedding products.



The 2 represents a normal wash cycle; the 60 means the sheets or pillowcases should be washed at 60 degrees C, or 140 degrees F.



 The 6 indicates a gentle cycle at 40 degrees C or 105 degrees F.


The crossed out triangle means no chlorine bleach. If just a triangle (without the X) is present, bleach can be used.


 The iron symbol suggests that item may be pressed. Three dots indicate a very hot iron—200 degrees C, 290 degrees F.

Two dots indicate a hot iron—150 degrees C, 300 degrees F.

One dot indicates a warm iron for touch ups—110 degrees C, 230 F.


The square box with a circle inside indicates your linens can be machine dried at low to moderate heat.

Below are 4 more charts that identify additional symbols that you might find helpful.

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We hope this helps, please email us with your bedding related questions.