There is a difference between down & feather

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There is a difference between down and feather.

Feather has a noticeable quill and is denser than down.

Down has a very small quill but it is almost undetectable, Down as a lot less structure.

There is a difference between down and feather

All birds have down and feathers, however, the down used for pillows, comforters and jackets is from waterfowl.

  • The unstructured nature of a down cluster allows it to trap more air. This trapped air, acts as an insulator.
  • Down does not generate heat, it simply holds in your body heat.

Down is primarily found in the breast area of the bird.

  • There is far less down on a bird than there is feather.
    • Therefore, down is typically 3 to 4 times more expensive than feather.
  • Separating down from feathers is not really sophisticated. Both are placed into a larger chamber. Air is then blown into the chamber. The down & feather are then lofted by air jets. Then the air is then shut off.
    • The heaver, feathers fall to the bottom of the chamber and the lighter down settles at the top.
    • The feather and down is then removed from the chamber, graded and used accordingly.

Both down and feather make excellent fillings for sleeping pillows & down comforters.

Down offers an excellent warmth to weight ratio

Down comforters use primarily down for their filling vs. a feather & down combination.

With sleeping pillows, both down, feather or a combination of down and feather are used. 

  • Because of the dense and more structured nature of feather, a feather pillow is typically firmer than a down pillow.

We think it is safe to say, down and feather are the most popular filling for sleeping pillows and we think they make the best sleeping pillow.

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