Sleeping pillows and sleeping positions

Sleeping pillows & your sleep position

We came across the below video where Mary Burney from Back & Motion explains to some of the anchors of TV station WCSH, the attributes of a good sleeping pillow, as it relates to various sleeping position.

  • We are sorry about the commercial in these video, however, this is not our video and we cannot take the commercial out. 


We have learned that people hang on to their sleeping pillows, far too long. 

Pillows do wear out. They become flatter & flatter with time. When they get to this limp state, they don't provide adequate neck and head support. If this is the case with your pillows, consider replacing them. 

Not only are they not providing goo support they are likely infested with dust mites and bacteria.  

Here’ Mary’s critique: 

  • Under stuffed, flat sleeping pillows do not provide enough support
  • Foam pillows are often too stiff (and become stiffer with time) and will not move or mold to your bodies curves
  • Memory foam pillows frequently make people feel like they are sleeping in wet cement. 

Most people, sleep in different positions throughout the night and with each position they assume, different amounts of support is required. 

  • We think that feather or down pillows are the ideal pillow for people that sleep in different positions. Both are very malleable. They never bunch up, and they conform to your neck and head, providing excellent support.
  • They are ideal for both stomach, back, side or sleepers. 

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