Preventing Down Comforters from slipping inside your Duvet Cover.

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Down comforters can slip inside the duvet cover on occasion. 

This problem can be caused by a number of factors, but the two main culprits are: 

  • When in bed, people will often pull the down comforter and duvet cover up towards their face. Sometimes, they only grab the loose duvet cover fabric.
    • Over the course of a few nights; a larger gap can develop between the duvet cover and the Down comforter
  • This gap is also exacerbated by gravity. 
    • Duvet cover and down comforter drape off the end/foot of the bed, generally between 12” to 18” - gravity pulls on both of these pieces.
    • Because the down comforter generally weighs more than the duvet cover, coupled with the possibility of a person pulling on the Duvet cover at the top of the cover, the down comforter sometimes finds its way to the bottom or foot of the duvet cover. 

Here how you can fix this problem. 

  • Get yourself a large shoe lace, cord or scrap pieces of fabric. Cut the shoe lace into:
    • 2 pieces about 10" to 12 " in length
    • 2 pieces about 3" in length. 

 Items you will need to prevent your down comforter from slipping 

  • Take the 2 smaller pieces and sew each of them across the two top corners of the Down comforter (as shown below) – Caution; sew on the outside edge of the down comforter not in the compartment containing down.
    • If you sew into the comforter compartment where the down is contained, you may find at the area (where the hole was created by the thread) where the straps are sewn to the comforter, may become larger with time and the down inside the comforter will begin escape.

Sew the fabric strap at the corner of the down comforter

 Turn your duvet cover inside out:

    • At the top (2) corners of your duvet cover (the ones that are at the head of the bed) take two of the larger pieces of shoe lace and sew in place as shown below – you want to sew in the middle of the shoe lace or strap's length.

Sew a fabric strap inside the top corner of the duvet cover 

  • Bring your down comforter and duvet cover together where the straps are sewn in place.
    • Take one of the duvet cover straps and thread the strap under the down comforter strap.
    • Then tie the duvet cover strap in a bow, like your shoe laces. 

Securing your down comforter in a duvet cover 

  • Repeat this step at the other comer of the duvet cover and down comforter.
  • Then simply pull the duvet cover over the down comforter and close it up.

Your'e good to go!

Some people will use ties in all four corners, this really isn’t necessary because down comforters don’t slide up the bed they only slide down...

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