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For those of you that are at work and don’t want your co-workers knowing what you're looking at on your computer, here is the written version.

There is frequently some confusion relative to the various sizes of mattresses. Specifically, the difference between a Full size vs. a Queen or a California King vs. a King.

  • Whether you are headed out to purchase some new bed linens or a new mattress, insure you know what size of mattress is going to best meet your needs.

Twin – also referred to as a single. There are (2) variants of this mattress. There is a regular Twin 39”x 75”and an Extra Long Twin 39”x 80”.

  • Most Twin mattresses that you find at a retailer in a twin size will be 39” x 75”. Although, you may encounter an extra-long Twin when shopping for a mattress.
  • It wise to insure you know which one you’re looking at, as you may have challenges finding fitted sheets and possibly flat sheets that will fit properly if you purchase an extra-long twin.
  • Extra-long Twin mattresses are very popular in college dorm’s.

Full – this size mattress is often called a double. A Full mattress is 54” x 75”.

  • This mattress is just not as popular as it once was. As a result, you may find that selection of linens for Full mattresses may be limited.
  • Many boutique luxury linen stores do not stock Full size sheets as there just isn’t enough demand. The fitted sheets needed for this mattress will not fit a Queen and Queen fitted sheets will be too large to fit the Full properly.
    • As a side note, many linen manufacturers will use the same flat sheet, pillowcases (standard size) and duvet cover (and down comforter) for use on a Full bed, the only difference is the fitted sheet. The duvet & comforter are often sold as a Full/Queen size.

Queen – 60” x 80”- The queen is a very popular size.

  • There is a variant to this size known as an Olympic Queen.
  • We would avoid considering an Olympic Queen (66” x 80”), as you may have challenges getting bedding to accommodate this size.

King Size – 76” x 80” – often referred to as an Eastern King.

  • The regular King is a very popular size, it is effectively the same width and length as (2) extra-long twins. Sometimes the width of a King mattress is 78” wide. It varies by manufacturer.

California King – 72” x 84”.

  • The Cal. King is not that popular of a size. Often times people experience challenges finding bedding for a Cal. King. Most luxury linen manufacturers do produce Cal. King bed linens.
  • The same problem exists between the regular King and California King as with the Full and Queen mattress.
    • That is, the fitted sheets are not interchangeable. However, the other elements of the bed such as the flat sheets, duvet covers and down comforters are often interchangeable or sized the same.

Here is a video explaining this in greater detail.

We hope this helps you when you are looking to purchase a new mattress or bed linens. 

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