Make your bed look and feel like a 5 - star hotel bed!

We have provided boutique hotels luxury bedding for years.

Luxury hotel bedding has been around for a number of years and to the Westin Hotel chain’s credit, they made many more consumers and other hotels aware of it's existence.

Watch the below video to see how you can easily achieve this same look in your home.

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The concept of hotel bedding is unpretentious - keep the bed simple and uncluttered; 

  • Taking dozens of items off the bed at night, only to put them back in the morning can be a bother for some.
  • Typically, better hotels use white as the color of choice for their bed sheets and duvet covers.
    • An all-white bed is viewed as clean (you can tell when they are not), additionally, an all-white bed is easy to decorate around, everything goes with white.
    • This is likely why white sheets are the most popular color of linens sold. They just look fresh and clean. 

The Westin was also responsible for raising consumer awareness of down comforters and duvet covers. This combination is wonderful to sleep under, they are light, airy. This ensemble is also easy to make. 

Some hotels do however cut some corners with their bed linens, they call them luxury, but frequently the linens are made in Asia from lower grade materials. 

  • As a point of fact, many of the Westin sheets and duvets are made in Asia.
  • Westin’s higher end properties, found say in their Central Park (NY) hotel suites are often Italian. 

The point is; Italy produces the finest luxury bed linens in the world. 

  • Italian bed sheets are a bit more money, but there are noticeable differences.
    • So, if you think the sheets you slept on at a Westin were good, you haven’t seen/felt anything yet (unless of course you were staying in an executive suite on Central Park). 
    • Most Italian bed linen producers use some of the finest grades of cotton available. They are often meticulously finished with decorative details such as hem-stitching. 

Typically, five-star hotels use many layers to create that wonderful inviting looking and comfortable bed.  

  • Soft cotton linens, cozy warm down comforters and several comfortable pillows (typically down or a combination of down and feather) make a wonderful sleep experience. 

If you want to replicate that Hotel bed that you stayed in, here are the basic elements used to make a “luxury bed”: 

  • Dust Ruffle (Bed skirt).
  • Mattress pad (or a feather bed).
  • Fitted sheet, flat sheet & pillowcases (Italian of course).
  • Down comforter (covered with a light sheet weight Duvet cover).
  • Two, four pillows or even six pillows.
    • Sleeping pillows should always be covered with a pillow protector then the pillowcase. 

A decorative pillow or decorative throw is optional – they can add a splash of color and break up the large white duvet cover. 

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