Luxury Linens vs. Warehouse Club Bed Linens

We were recently approached by a large warehouse club and asked a variety of questions about our luxury bedding and sheets.

  • Apparently, their alleged luxury bed linens aren’t living up to their customers’ expectations.
  • Their 500+ thread count sheets are sold in their warehouse stores and online, but, they began experiencing an exceptional amount of returns from their customers.
    • Customers were complaining that their “luxury linens and sheets” were scratchy.
  • They should have watched our video on why thread count isn’t that important (found further down this page).
  • The most important attribute of good quality bed linens is good quality cotton.
    • High thread count isn’t what makes a set of bed sheets good.
    • Higher thread count can't make a poor grade of cotton feel better.

In the below image, we show the difference between a department store bed sheet and our luxury linen.

  • The difference cannot only be felt but seen.

Finer grades of cotton make the best sheets

Here is an analogy, you can serve someone a ½ pound hamburger, but if it came from a 10- year-old milk cow, it isn’t going to taste as good as one made from Kobe beef.

good-sheets-start-with-good-cotton.jpgNot all cotton is created equal

 If you purchase a complete sheet set for $80, you are likely not buying luxury linens.

  • The dissatisfaction by consumers with this product is also demonstrated by their 2 of - 5 star rating.

In the below video, we explain why it’s all about the cotton when it comes to bed sheets. 

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