Keeping your luxury linens and bedding clean & allergy free.

Let’s face it, you spend a lot of time in your bed each day.

  • Having clean bed sheet and bedding not only feel incredible next to your skin, having clean fresh luxury linens next to your face and body will can also reduce blemishes caused by built up body oils and sweat (especially on your pillowcases).
  • Now we are not saying that you should change your bed sheets every night (although – you must admit, there are few things that feel nice than hopping into a fresh clean set of linens). If you are lucky enough to have purchased some fine European bed linens or better yet Italian bed linens, your bed will feel even nicer.

During the warmer months, we have a tendency to sweat more and your bedding, specifically your pillowcases and fitted sheet become soiled faster.

  • At minimum, launder (not dry clean) your bed sheets once a week regardless of the season.
  • In the warmer months try changing your pillowcases every 3 to 4 days – you will notice the difference.
  • This is also excellent advice if when you have a cold or the flu. Your bedding (specifically your pillowcases) collect bacteria from your sweat, body oil and yes, your drool – sorry – some people do drool.

 Bedding can be a breeding ground for bacteria

  • Launder your Duvet cover, quilt or coverlet every 3 to 4 months.
  • Your goose Down comforter should be cleaned every 3 to 6 months.
    • The best place to clean your down comforter is a Laundromat, as the washers and specifically the dryers are larger.
    • The larger dryer allows the down comforter to tumble better, this helps it dry quicker and fluffs the down cluster up.
  • Although, not recommended by any manufacturer, consider putting a ½ cup of bleach in the wash when cleaning down comforter, as it kills bacteria as well as dust mites.

Here are links to videos where we show the steps to cleaning a pillow & a down comforter.

Many claim our friend the dust mite is the number one cause of household allergies. Here is an illustration of what these creepy things look like.

Dust mites find their way into all bedding

  • Cleaning your linens & bedding reduces the number of dust mites you will have. Dust mites are in virtually all bedding.
  • Once almost eradicated in the US, bed bugs have been in the headlines quite a bit these days and have become a huge problem.
  • They are causing many hotels a significant amount of grief, and the problem is not limited to low-cost budgets hotels. Below is a photo of one of these critters and what their bites look like.

 Enlarged image of a bed bug

Bed bugs inject an anesthetic when they bite, so you don't feel it

  • Antimicrobial mattress covers can help minimize the infestation of dust mites and bed bugs.
    • Should you get them, you will want to sanitize all of your bedding components.
  • As a point of reference, dust mites do not bite you; they live off your skin dander.
    • Bed bugs actually bite you and live off your blood.

Here is a video that reviews the best way to launder luxury linens.

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