How to update a guest bedroom for house guest

 Is your Guest bedroom representative of the rest of your home and lifestyle?

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Guestrooms are sometimes neglected, yet they are important rooms. When someone is staying at your house, you want to make a favorable impression. Your guestroom is a reflection of you, so, let’s put your best foot forward.

  • Often times guests that stay at your house are relatives and they may be a little more judgmental that other guests.
  • You know who we are talking about – your mother in-law or the likes of an Aunt Millie (sorry to all the Millie’s of the world that I just offended), they walk through the front door, slips on the white glove and the room inspection and judgement begins.

Nonetheless, you want your guest to be comfortable. So give some thought to the following:

  • Leave some relevant (up to date) magazines out for reading. If uncle Bob is a fly fisherman, put a new copy of Field & Steam in the room, etc.

  • How about a vase of fresh cut flowers.

  • A nice cozy throw to snuggle up with.

  • Fresh batteries in the remote control.

  • Some new guest slippers.

Now let’s take a look at the bed.

  • Has the bed become a collection of leftover “stuff” that you no longer want to sleep with?

  • Do your pillows look disgusting and yellow?

  • Is there any down left in the compartments of your down comforter?

  • Is the mattress pad still intact?

  • Are the sheets clean and comfortable?

If you want to know how your guests feel when staying at your house, spend a night or two there.

If you follow these guidelines, your guests will be say staying at your house was better than staying at a 5 star hotel.

Now isn’t that want you want?

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