How to remove a permanent wrinkle in your bed linens

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Bed sheets can sometimes develop a permanent wrinkle in them. Often times it is at the top flange of the flat sheet.

This condition can develop when a wrinkle develops and is not removed. Over time the cotton fabric can begins to take a permanent set. Here is what you can do to remove it.

  • You will need the following items;
    • A good heavy iron
    • An ironing board 
    • A terry towel
    • Spray starch
    • A spray bottle of water
  • Put the terry towel on the ironing board, then place the affected area of the sheet on top of the towel.
  • Heat the iron to high, then soak the wrinkled area with the water.

Bed sheets can develop a permanent wrinkle, here's how to get them out 

  •  Iron the wrinkled area while applying a significant amount of pressure.
    • The towel will compress under the irons weight allowing the flat sheet to stretch a bit – straightening out the set fibers.

A wrinkle in your bed sheets can take a set 

  • Iron the sheet until dry, flip the sheet over and repeat the process to the other side.
  • Once the bed sheet is dry, spray this area again with starch and re-iron it.

Starch can help remove a set wrinkle in your sheets

This should get rid of the wrinkle in your linens. 

You will want to pay attention to this area in the future, this wrinkle may reappear with time. 

  • If you stay on top of this issue, over time you should be able to permanently eliminate this set wrinkle. 
  • If you are not inclined to iron this area after each washing, insure to:
    • Not over dry your bed linens.
    • Hand press your sheets specifically in this area when they are taken out of the drier. 

Following these steps can remove a permanent wrinkle

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