How to properly clean a microfiber robe

Microfiber robes are easy to launder...

 Micro fiber robes are super easy to clean

  • Turn the robe inside out, this is generally the area that is soiled the most, specifically on the collar, where make-up residue can be present.

  • Wash the robe(s) in warm water and a mild detergent (consider our Le Blanc linen wash – sold here).

    • Avoid bleach as it can damage the cotton fiber (if your robe has some cotton in it).

    • Do not overload the wash machine.

Wash Machine

  • After washing, place robe in dryer on medium or permanent press cycle.

  • When robe is almost dry (slightly damp), remove the robe(s) from the dryer, turn right side out and hang on a hanger. Any wrinkles that may have developed in the washing and drying will fall out.

  • Allow the robe to air dry and place in your closet or bathroom.

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