How to minimize wrinkles when washing your bed sheets


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100% Cotton bed linens can wrinkle.

When removing your linens and sheets from the bed, don’t roll them up in a ball and stuff the ball in the washer.

  • Bed Sheets will get even more twisted up during the agitation wash cycle, bunched up sheets will have more wrinkles, additionally, they will not get as clean.
    • When your sheets are knotted, the fibers will also be subject to more strain during the wash and dry cycle.

Properly washing your bed sheets

  • Only put one set of sheets in the wash machine at a time. 
  • When it comes to detergents – avoid harsh detergents such as Tide and Cheer.
  • Most of the large, recognized brands contain what the manufacturers call brighteners, these are generally bleach derivatives.
  • Don’t use bleach.
    • Bleach can damage the cotton fibers and prematurely fade colored linens.
    • Instead use a mild detergent such as Dreft or Ivory or better yet use Le Blanc linen wash. 

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Caustic detergents can ruin your sheets

Wash your bed sheets on a gentle wash cycle with cold or warm water.

  • Your bed sheets can also get twisted in the wash cycle so, untangle them before putting them in the drier.
  • In the dry cycle, use a low to medium heat setting.
    • Again, only one set of sheets in dryer.

Use a low or medium heat setting when drying your bed sheets

  • Don’t over dry bed linens, high heat can damage the cotton fibers.
  • Remove the linens as soon as the dry cycle is complete, leaving them set in the drier will result in more wrinkles and expose the sheet to additional unnecessary heat.
  • Take your sheets out of the dryer when they are slightly damp to the touch.
  • Hand press and fold them to minimize wrinkles or put them back on the bed.
    • This will eliminate 90% of any wrinkle that you may have picked up.
  • Taking these few extra steps will not only mitigate wrinkles but also add additional life to your luxury linens. 

If your bed sheet pick up a musty order, consider adding a ½ cup of baking soda to the wash cycle.

  • Baking soda will keep them brighter, cleaner & fresher. 

Hey, if you like bed linens without wrinkles and don’t like to iron, check out our video on how to easily get wrinkles out of sheets without an iron, found here.

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