How to create a well-made perfect looking bed!

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Below are some of the elements you will need to create that perfect bed you just want to jump into at the end of the day.

Bed skirt (dust - ruffle);  

Dust-ruffles add some decoration to the bed and do just the name implies -  slow down the accumulation of dust from settling under you bed, they also do a good job of hiding whatever else you might have under the bed.

  • To no one's surprise, mattresses have gotten thicker and thicker over the years. The result, as it relates to dust-ruffles, is; the old standard size drops of 14” & 16”, may not fit properly (you want your dust ruffle to drop to the floor).

  • The good news is, today, many dust-ruffles are made in 3 separate panels, that are pinned to the box spring.

  • The most common dust-ruffles constructions styles are; straight paneled, gathered & pleated.

  • Some dust ruffles are made in two layers (a shear over lay sewn over the top of another fabric), providing a softer elegant look.

Different dust ruffle styles

Mattress pad;

Look for a quilted mattress pad.

  • Mattress pads provide a soft layer of fabric over the top of your mattress, which sometimes is a course material, they also provide a layer of protection from other stuff that gets on your mattress.

  • Even if you’re super careful or clean in bed, body oil can leach through your fitted sheet and stain your mattress.

  • Mattress pads are available in cotton, cotton/poly, wool and Tencil (a soft wood fiber that is very soft and absorbent).

    • Some people use foam pads, however, foam doesn't breathe well, so a foam topper can be hot. 

Mattress pad with dust ruffle

Fitted sheet - (a.k.a. a contour sheet);

Most fitted sheets are made with an elastic edge, helping them stay in place.

  • Because of the thick mattresses sold today, check the depth of the pocket, when you endeavor to buy a new one to ensure it will fit.

  • If you have a thin mattress, and your fitted sheet has a deep pocket, no worry, just tuck the extra fabric under the mattress.

    • It is better to have more fabric than not enough, as the sheet may slip off at the corners. If a fitted sheet is too tight you're putting unnecessary strain on the fabric, which will result in premature wear.

Flat sheet;

The flat sheet goes on next.

  • Some do not care to use a flat sheet; however, this also means whatever is on top of the bed, i.e. a blanket or duvet cover will require frequent cleaning.

  • Flat sheets easier to clean that the aforementioned items.

    • If you have decorative details on your flat sheet (embroidery, hem-stitching etc., place the flat sheet upside down on your bed, so when you fold it back, the decorative detail shows.

Decorative Shams;

These can be Euro Shams 26” x 26”, placed at the headboard (2 or 3 on a queen, 3 or 4 on a king) or a standard sham 20" x 26" or a king sham 20" x 26".

  • Consider feather inserts for fillers, as down is expensive and not necessary for decorative pillows.

    • Poly inserts do not fill the sham out as nice as feather.

Sleeping Pillows;

Unless you have allergies to down, consider down or a down/feather combination. 

  • Down or down/feather are the most popular fillings for sleeping pillows.

    • Use 2 or 4 standard size (20” x 26”) on a queen or full size bed, 2 or 4 king size (20” x 36”) on a king bed. 

    • Some people do not care for king pillows, as they are quite long and difficult to maneuver when sleeping. If this is true for you, consider 3 or 6 standard size pillows, they will fit across a king bed perfectly.

Pillow protectors;

We've all seen those yucky yellow pillows, loaded up with body oil.

  • Pillow protector add an extra layer of protections and will keep your pillows cleaner.

    • They zip off and are easily washed.


Hopefully, this doesn’t require explanation.

Now when it comes to the top of the bed there are a few decisions to be made.

  • Bedspreads - for the most part, are not made and sold, unless you have one custom made.
    • This is due to the super thick mattresses (there is no standard height to a bed).
    • Bed spreads are not as in fashion as they once were.


Available in down, wool, cotton or polyester. Our down blankets can be purchased here.

  • Most blankets have a nap, you will want to cover the blanket, so you don’t see hand prints and impressions.

  • This can be done with a Matelassé or quilted coverlet (short bedspread).

Duvet cover;

Duvet covers are essentially a large pillowcase intended to cover the duvet (down comforter or the like).

  • When purchasing a duvet cover, look for one made from a sheet weight fabric. Heavy textured fabrics are just that – heavy. Most people don't like a lot of weight on top of them.

Down Comforter; 

Down comforters, are likely the most popular top of the bed choice, as they offer a wonderful weight to warmth ratio.

  • For those that have allergies, there are silk and synthetic fills available,

  • If you don’t have allergies, consider down, it is a superior product.  

In the below video, we show how to tell when it's time to replace your down comforter.

In this video, we explain what to look for when purchasing a new down comforter.

Decorative pillows;

Accent pillows are a nice way to bring a little texture, interest and color to the top of the bed.

  • Dec. pillows are available in a variety of sizes. The more popular ones are; a boudoir (12” x 16”) or other square pillows 16” x 16” or 18” x 18”.

Decorative throws;

Throws are a great way to bring more color and interest to the bed, additionally, they are great for snuggling under while reading or watching TV.

  • Throws are made in several materials, cotton, wool cashmere and synthetic fabrics.

  • Most throws are approximately 50” x 70” in size.

  • A throw can be placed across the entire width of the bed, tossed at the foot or put on a chair in the room.

  • A throw can also be useful when on sleeper needs a bit more warmth than the other.  

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