How many pillows should I have on my bed?

Some people like a several pillows on their bed, some don’t like to fuss with them. The answer comes down to personal preference.

  • Decorative pillows add to the look of the bed.
  • When it comes to sleeping pillows, some prefer to sleep with several at a time.

Pillowcases come in standard/queen & king size. They frequently sold in pairs, shams are generally sold individually.

All of our items are sold separately, so you can mix and match sizes & colors as you desire.

  • With a full or queen size bed use 2 pillows.
    • Many people like extra pillows.
    • Having 4 sleeping pillows on a bed will give you two layers across the bed, which is a nice look.
  • With king pillows, there are more options.
    • Many people do not care for king size pillow – as they find them too long (36”) and difficult to manipulate when sleeping. Standard pillows are 26” long and much easier to move around when sleeping.
    • If you enjoy a king size pillow – 2 will fit across the bed perfectly.
    • If you don’t care for king size pillow, 3 standard pillows will fill the width of a king bed.
    • For the two rows of pillows look, you will need 3 pair of standard size pillowcases and 6 standard pillows.

With decorative pillows, here is our suggestion:

Euros or Euro Sham:

  • With a queen or full size bed – if you use 2 Euro shams, they will sit side by side and fill the entire bed’s width, if you want a fuller look, use 3, and slightly overlap them…
    • Euro shams add a nice height and look to the bed and are great to lean against if you are reading or watching TV in bed.
    • If you opt for 3 Euro shams, consider the center one in a different color or fabric.
  • King or Cal king size bed – 3 Euro shams will sit side by side, filling the entire width of the bed, using 4 will give you a fuller look.
    • With 4 Euro shams they will overlap slightly.

King & Standard pillow shams:

  • Standard and king shams,  add a nice decorative row of pillows to the bed. Most shams can be slept on as well.
    • Use 2 standard shams on a full or queen bed.
    • Use 2 king shams on a king bed.  

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