How long will a down pillow last?

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 A Down sleeping pillow should last 8 to 12 years. 

  • But there are things that you might be doing that detracts from its life.
    • These may include how many pillow fights you get into.
    • And how you treat your pillow when sleeping. 

Those that punch up their pillows at night or have a tendency to be a restless sleeper, will find that their pillows may not last this long. 

  • When you buy a new pillow (at least a better pillow) they are generously filled and fluffy.
  • Over time you may notice they become thinner and thinner until there is little filling left in them.
  • We’ve seen pillows as flat as a pancake. Frequently, people love them despite their flatness, as they have gotten used to them as they slowly shrink in size.
    • When they are this worn out; they offer little if any neck and head support, so consider replacing them...

Goose Down Sleeping Pillow

  • Additionally, pillows can get disgustingly filthy and become infested with dust mites (see below in the magnified image).
  • We recommend washing your pillows at least once a year.  

Dust mites find their way into all bedding 

Consider using pillow protectors. A pillow protector will help keep them fresher. We sell them here

To learn how to wash your pillow, watch the below video.

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