How long do bed sheets last?


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There are a several factors that affect the life of your bed linens. 

  • The grade of the cotton used.
    • Inferior grades of cotton wear faster, this is due in part to the shorter fibers used in their construction. Over time these shorter fibers unravel from the yarns and they becomes lint in your drier.
      • Watch our video on why the grade of cotton is more important than thread count here.
  • Excessive and prolonged exposure to high temperature causes fibers to become brittle.
    • Brittle cotton fibers are more prone to breakage.
  • Body hair stubble - this can be from legs and/or men that shave their backs.
    • This condition is similar to scrubbing your sheets with a Brillo pad every night.
    • This will also lead to pilling.
  • Harsh chemicals found in many laundry detergents will damage the cotton fibers.
    • Bleach and detergents that contain brighteners (bleach derivatives) can damage the sheets cotton fibers with continued exposure.
  • The weight of the person(s) sleeping on them - more weight, more friction.
  • Restless sleepers often create more friction & wear. 

good set of sheets should last between 6 & 8 years. 

With exceptional care, they may last as long as 10 to 12.  

  • Great sheets feel wonderful next to your skin and will feel nicer with each wash.
    • If you amortize the cost of a $600 set of sheets over 10 years, it comes to $0.16 a night. 

In the below video links, we demonstrate how to care for your linens & why the grade of cotton is important (not thread count).

How to properly care for luxury linens.

Why thread count is not that important.

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