How cotton is sorted and graded

Only the finest grades of cotton are used in true luxury bed linens.

Not all cotton fibers have the same attributes, so in order to obtain the finest grades and attributes cotton must be sorted, below is how this process is completed.

  • Cotton is almost pure cellulose. The fibers are a soft, thread that grows in a boll, or protective casing, around the seeds of cotton plant.
  • Cotton has been spun, woven, and dyed since prehistoric times.
    • Cotton has been used as clothing in ancient India, Egypt, and China. Hundreds of years before the Christian era, cotton textiles were woven in India, over time this technology migrated to Mediterranean countries.

In the below video, the process of taking a bail of cotton into a spool of cotton yarn is demonstrated. Carding is a process where the fibers are sorted, separating the long fibers from the shorter less desirable ones.

Egyptian Cotton is often associated with high quality products, however, only a small percentage of cotton grown in Egypt is actually superior quality.

  • Many products claiming to be made of Egyptian cotton aren’t.
  • Officials from the Department of Agriculture of Egypt have been quoted saying, more cotton is sold as Egyptian Cotton than could ever be grown in Egypt.

The finer grades of Egyptian Cotton command a high price. These grades are frequently used in the manufacture of luxury linens.

  • Many people think that a high thread count is what determines the quality of a sheets. This is not the case.
  • View the below video to learn why thread count is a secondary consideration when selecting bed sheets.


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