How are terry towels made?

Terry towels come in different qualities, weights and materials (generally, cotton, cotton/poly/linen). Regardless, of their quality or material the manufacturing process is for the most part, the same.

The terry weaving technique was invented in France in 1841, but the process was first used with silk.

  • Samuel Holt was the first to weave terry in cotton in 1848.

  • Henry Christy, of England, made improvements in this technique, bringing the first commercial/industrial terry weaving to the world in 1850.

  • The process has been greatly improved relative to quality and speed, but the technique remains very similar to the one Henry introduced 160 years ago.

  • Henry did the world a great favor and the Christy towel company still produces some of the best cotton terry towels made. Which is why we sell them (here).

We have been unable to find any footage of today's high speed terry looms, but we did find a video on You Tube that demonstrates the basic process. 

  • This process can be applied to both sides of the fabric giving a terry (looped) surface on either both sides or a single side of the towel.

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