Get your Luxury Pillow Shams to look like the ones seen in Elle Décor


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Shams are a great addition to any bed. However, many people have challenges getting the soft cotton flanges to stand on edge.

  • The first thing you should do is use a pillow insert that is generously filled.
    • Old worn out pillows often end up being sham fillers. If you are trying to re-purpose these pillows and they are not full, your shams will likely look sad. 
    • The best type of pillow filler is an overstuffed feather pillow.  They are inexpensive, yet they fill the sham  and corners of the pillow sham perfectly.

Whether you are using Euro shams, Standard shams or King shams on your bed, this tip applies.

  • Most people will pick their shams from the top edge of the flange and then place the sham on their bed as shown below.

Don't grab your pillow shams from the top edge


  • This almost always result in the flange flopping over. 


Pillow shams flanges can droop

The reason this happens is when you pick the sham up from the top edge you create a void between the sham and the pillow insert.

  • Instead pick the sham from the bottom as shown below.

Shake to pillow sham from the bottom

  • Now gently shake it back and forth, this action drives the pillow insert down (to what will be the top edge) so that there is no void between the sham itself and the pillow insert.
  • Now grab the sham and any excess fabric from the bottom with one hand.
  • While still holding the sham and excess fabric flip the sham to the correct orientation and set in place.
  • Set your flanges buy pulling up on the corners.

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