Different styles of Down Comforters

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Down comforters are made in several different construction styles; some styles are superior to others. We discuss a few of them below, however there are other ones that we did not feel were worth the critique.

Ring stitch:

  • The with this style down comforter, the down can move inside the comforter.  
    • When left unconstrained, the down eventually migrates to the sides and foot of the comforter.
    • Once this occurs, there is not a lot of down present in the area you want it to be - on top of you.
    • With this style of comforter, you can re-orientate the down by shaking the comforter from the sides or the foot to move it back to the proper location. But why go through the aggravation.

Better, down comforter construction styles are either the Box-Stitched or the Baffle-Box style.

The Box-Stitch style:

  Box stitched down comforters can have cold spots

The Box-Stitch:

  • With this style, two large sheets of cotton fabric are sewn around the sides or periphery, then through a small hole left in the comforter, down is blown through a hose into the single large compartment. The whole is then sewn closed.
  • The down is then evenly distributed throughout the sack and the comforter is run through a quilter, creating smaller squares filled with down.
  • With a box-stitched comforter, the down will never migrate from one compartment to another; however, there is a drawback to this construction style. 
    • There is virtually no down in the valley areas or the quilt lines (shown below) where the smaller compartments begin or end.
  • These areas can create cold spots. 


The best construction style is the Baffle-Box down comforter:

  • With a Baffle-Box down comforter, the same basic concept exists as the box-stitched comforter, that being, the down is contained or constrained in a small square compartment.
  • However, with a Baffle-Box construction, each compartment has a sidewall (see below), creating a 3-dimensional box.
  • This 6-sided box (top, bottom and 4 sides) gives the down more area to loft.
  • Lofting traps more air, providing more insulation i.e.  warmth.
    • Just like insulation in your home, down does not generate heat. The trapped air merely insulates you by holding in the heat your body generates.
  • With the Baffle-Box construction, the down will never migrate from one compartment to another.
  • This construction style eliminates cold spots found in other down comforter construction styles.
  • You may also find that the Baffle-Box construction provides a fuller look in the Duvet Cover.
    • There are no cold spots with this construction style.

This style of down comforter does cost a little more; however, we think it is worth the investment.

Look for a baffle box construction style down comforter


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