Different sizes of mattresses



Sometimes people can't recall the size of mattress they have, so, here is an overview.

Twin – 39” x 75” 

Ex. Long Twin – 39” x 80” 

Full (often called a double) – 54” x 75” 

Queen – 60” x 80” 

King – 78”” x 80” 

California King – 72” x 84” 

You may also need to know: 

  • Most twin fitted sheets are 75” long.
    • If you have an extra-long twin, most fitted sheets will not fit properly.
      • You will need to look for fitted sheets specifically made for an extra-long twin mattresses, this will limit your choices.
    • Many colleges use the extra-long twin mattress in their dormitories.
  • Full size mattresses are not as popular as they use to be; bedding choices for full size may be more limited.
    • Most bedding suppliers use queen size products for both full & queen, these are items such as flat sheets, duvet covers & quilts/coverlets.
      • The fitted sheets are made specifically for either a queen or full size.
  • King mattresses have variation – some are 76” wide, some are 78” wide.
    • We are not sure why this difference exists, but it does.
    • The difference however is so slight that it doesn’t cause any real fit issues.   
  • A California King is not as popular as a regular King (which is sometimes referred to as an Eastern King).

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