Consumer Reports Guide to buying a washing machine

Ever wonder what are the disadvantages & advantages of different wash machines in the market?

Consumers Reports published an overview of the different styles as well as the benefits & features of them. 

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There are 3 types/styles of washing machines:

  •  Top loader - $300 to $650
  •  High efficiency top loader - $600 to $1000
  •  High efficiency front loader - $700 to $1300
    • Top loaders are the largest seller and overall do not perform as well as the other types.
    • Front loaders, overall are the easiest on your clothes and are the best cleaners.
    • The size of the load varies quite a bit with washing machines as well, Some can accept as little as 8 lbs. of laundry while the larger machines can take as much as 20 lbs.
  • Top loaders overall use the most water, typically 45 gallons, while high efficiency front loaders can use as little as 25 gallons.
    • Machines that use less water typically have longer cycle times.
    • Some front loaders will take as long as 1 ½ hours to complete a cycle.
    • Most top loaders take about 30 min. for a cycle.
  • The amount of water left in your cloths is another large variable, some leave as little as 1 gallon in your cloths at the end of a cycles while some leave as much as 2 gallons.
    • Naturally, this means much more drying time. 

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