Are expensive sheets worth the price?


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Once in a while we are asked: “why are luxury linens so expensive”? 

  • Well, high-quality bed linens and sheets are made from exceptional - quality cotton. Finer grades of cotton cost much more than lower grades.  However high quality cotton results in bed sheets that feel incredible next to the skin. By using these higher quality cottons in the construction of our bed linens, not only will they feel nicer, they will last longer than lower quality bed sheets. With proper care, they can last for 8 to 10 years or more. 

Additionally, consider the cost of other luxury items: 

  • That Louis Vuitton bag (made from vinyl coated canvas - vinyl being a cheap imitation of leather), that can cost well over $1,000- Holy Cow!
    • To Louie’s credit, their purses are well made and do last a long time. 

There are many things that cost more than luxury bed linens 

  • How about that Rolex watch that costs $12,000 or more? Your smart phone is more accurate and automatically adjust for day light savings time, again - $12k holy cow

Rolex watches cost more that luxury linens and don't keep better time than a smart phone 

  • Let’s take a look at those Louboutin shoes, $1,700 or more - double holy cow! In addition;
    • These shoes will be out of style next season.
    • They hurt your feet.
    • Most men don’t know or likely care who Louboutin is and they don’t look at women’s feet/shoes.

Louboutin shoes shoes cost 4 times a set of luxury sheets 

Now, with luxury linens, they provide comfort every night and will last for years and years. They also look good & feel incredible next to your skin: 

  • Many luxury linens have embellishments such as embroideryhem-stitching & other decorative accents that add to the overall look of the bed and bedroom. 
  • And because they feel so incredible next you your skin, one should never wear pajamas when sleeping in them.
    • Think how much money you’ll save by not having to buy PJ’s. 

Let’s say the cost of a high quality set of luxury bed sheets is $600, with proper care, you’ll get 8 to 10 years of use from them (and you uses them every night), the nightly cost is around $0.16 a night.   

  • What other product can be used every night, will last this long and provides comfort as well? 

High quality bed linens are often made from the finest grades of cotton; they cost more than ones made from substandard grades of cotton. But they (and you) are well worth the price!  

So, when you’re ready for a new set of sheets, give some consideration to higher-quality sheets. Once you have experienced them, you will never go backwards with your linen selection again.

 To shop for Italy's finest luxury bedding, click on the below shop now button.

 Click here to shop for Vero's luxury bed linens

Use the code bedding tips at check out & get 5% off your entire purchase.

View 150+ bedding related articles & videos here