Are expensive pillows worth the price? Yes!

Down and/or down and feather are likely the most common filling for sleeping pillows.

There is a lot less down on a goose or duck (compared to feather), resulting in higher prices with down pillows when compared to other types of fillings such as polyester, latex or whatever one decides to fill a pillow with.

The desirable attributes of a down or down/feather pillow are; that when properly filled, they provide excellent neck and head support, are very malleable and never bunch or knot up like other fillings are prone to do.

We also know that pillow firmness’s is a personal preference. At Vero, we offer 3 different firmness’s in our pillow:

Our pillows are generously filled and super clean (hypoallergenic), unlike much of the down products that come from China.

Our down and feathers are put through a seven-stage patented cleaning and sanitizing process. 

  • Because our sleeping pillows are generously filled, they provide excellent neck and head support.
  • There is no right or wrong when it comes to the firmness of a pillow, it simply boils down to personal preference.

As a note; Consumer’s Report conducted a survey a few years ago, about sleeping pillows, the different filling types and the different price points.

They compared expensive pillows to inexpensive pillows in the following fillings or types:

Here is what they found.


We don’t sell polyester or memory foam pillows; however, we do sell some of the best feather & down pillows you can buy.

  • We assure you, ours are constructed better than any of the ones you might find at a department store.

Here is a video that explains some the attributes of our pillows.


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