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What is the difference between a Pillowcase & a Pillow Sham?

In the below video we explain the differences between a pillowcase & pillow sham.  

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  • Pillowcases are the covers for your Sleeping Pillows. 
    • A Pillowcase is different than a Sham.
    • A Pillowcase is open only at one end and generally contains a flange on the opening face where the fabric edge is turned over and sewn.

Below images are stills from above video (forgive the expressions)...

Pillowcases open from one end.

  • A pillow sham are typically contains a tuck flap located in the back of the sham and are frequently finished with a flange on all (4) sides.
  • Shams are often used for decorative purposes, but many can be slept on if they are made from sheeting fabric.
  • Sizes of pillowcases are generally Standard or King, however sometimes (but not often) they are made in a Queen size...
  • Shams come in the following popular sizes - standard (20" x 26"), king (20" x 36"), Euro (26" x 26") and boudior (12" x 16")...

A pillow sham often opens from the back and has a flap closure

Pillow shams often have a flange or cording on all of their edges

Vero sells its Pillowcases separately from our Sheet Sets, as many individuals might use or like Standard Pillows on a King bed or many customers use both King Size and Standard Size Pillows on their bed.

  • Many people also prefer a Standard Pillow to a King Size Pillow as they are easier to manipulate or position to where you want them during sleep.
  • Vero’s Standard Pillowcases are designed to fit both a Standard Pillow as well as a Queen Pillow for those that sleep with a Queen size Pillow.
  • For one layer of Pillows use either (2) King Pillowcases or (3) Standard Pillowcases to fill the width of a King bed. Use (2) Standard Pillowcases to fill the width of a full or queen sized bed.

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