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Down Comforters

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Luxury Down Comforters

There is nothing more comfortable than sleeping under a light and cozy warm luxury down comforter.

Our down comforters are available in either a Light or Regular weight option. 

Both are produced using a baffle-box construction. Baffle Box is considered a premium construction because it allows the delicate down clusters to loft to their fullest extent, providing that luxurious light, poufy look and feel to the top of the bed.  In addition, this construction style eliminates the potential for cold spots that other down comforter construction styles have.  Although this type of construction does cost a little more than other styles, it is well worth the expense.

To shop for our down comforters, simple click on the respective image below and you will be directed to the shopping page. Click on READ MORE to view videos on our Down Comforters, different constructions styles and how to tell if it is time to replace your comforter.

Have questions as to which weight is right for you, please call or email us for guidance.

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This video explains the features and benifits of our Down Comforter.


Our down comforters are available in either a queen size, which is perfect for both a full or queen size bed and our king size comforter will fit both a Cal-king or regular king bed. They come with FREE shipping to the lower 48 states and with all of our products, if you don’t think they are the finest of their kind, you can return them for a full refund.

Both our Light & Regular weight down comforters are suitable for year round use. 

  • The Regular-Weight fill is perfect for those that want to stay super warm and comfortable.
  • Our Light-Weight fill is ideal for those that have a tendency of being a little warm at night. 

Down comforters do wear out over time, scroll down to view a video we explain how to easily tell when it is time to replace your down comforter. 

Vero's Down Blanket

The below video explains some of the different construction styles available in the market and what to look for in a down comforter.

Here is a brief video that shows you how to tell if it is time to replace your down comforter. Simply click on the image below to watch.

If you have questions, please give us a call 786-512-3268 or email us for assistance.  


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